A Landscape Lost in Weeds

Restoring Life to an Outdated and Overgrown Landscape


This project was a case of neglected beds that were in desperate need of attention. The beds and plantings had been completely taken over by weeds.

The first step was to eliminate all the existing weeds. Going through little by little we weeded through every section carefully working around all the existing plantings to ensure that the existing growth was not disturbed.

After all the sections were carefully weeded it was time to move to the second step, weed prevention. It was crucial that this didn’t happen again. Installation of TYPAR weed fabric ensures that with proper maintenance these beds will now be protected from future weed growth.

With the weed fabric down, a two and a half inch layer of white stone mulch was installed on top. This inorganic mulch is a great investment as it is a permanent mulch solution that will last for years with very little maintenance.

Now it’s time for the homeowner to enjoy the finished product!





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